What is FilmFront?

FilmFront is an Award-Winning Independent Film Production Company specializing in any form of videography. Our main background lies in film production however we aren't just about narrative films. We specialise in creating social media campaigns, music videos and more!



The Reckoning - Music Video

We created a stunning Visual Music Video for a Bristol based artist called Jordan Kaye. He approached us wanting to create a music video for a song he absolutely loved and wanted to cover. So we did! 


Our creative team rose straight to the challenge, creating a visually pleasing and cinematic film, showing not only Jordans performance but also creating a story behind the song itself for his audience to see!

The Nook Interiors - Commercial

Lou Vigars from the lovely Nook Interiors in Frampton Cotterell, invited us along to come and make a lovely, heartwarming and visually stunning film to help promote her interior design store!


Along with the beautiful visuals we also included a lovely sit down interview and testimonial to interlace perfectly with the story behind the store and why she has chosen to create it!

FR33 AW19 - Commercial

FR33 commisioned us to create there AW19 collection trailer, showcasing their incredible new autumn clothing range! We grabbed our anamorphic lens and ran out to film this visually stunning and capturing commercial.


FR33s brand identity is all about supporting young talent so we casted Joseph Wagstaff a young Dancer and DJ to star in the commercial!

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