What is FilmFront?

FilmFront is an Award-Winning Independent Film Production Company specializing in Commercial Video Production. We have a large background in Fashion and Brand campaign work, ensuring your brand stands out above everyone else.

Why Choose FilmFront?

There are many other companies out there specialising in Film Production, but none like us!

Fast Turnaround

We know sometimes life is a bit of a rush! Being a production company we are always busy and aim to hand over your video, two days after the shoot.


We also offer next day services for an extra charge, if you are in a real hurry!

Cinematic Visuals

We want what is best for you and your brand! Therefore we don't hold back on our award winning Cinematic style!


There is nothing out there like FilmFront. We don't compromise quality for cost as we are always striving to be ahead of the game!

Social Media Marketing

Our team is highly skilled in understanding the modern way to market your brand or business!


We can assist you in making sure your target audience is being hit exactly as you intended. Through the use of key demographics and internal promotion sources over the various social media platforms!

Our Priority Is You

Contact us and we will arrange everything you need for your film idea to come to life!

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